Health in the workplace

Health in the workplace

“Why only think when an employee is sick? Why don’t I start two steps earlier and do a health prevention so that my good employees don’t even get sick?”

Peter Reinbacher
 Peter Reinbacher is the founder and CEO of the Providere GmbH

He is an expert in company pension plan systems, as well as in the insurance sector for preventive healthcare.

Sounding Board member Convention Health Benefits 2017

“The medical person is unfortunately mostly talking another language than the health economist, and all together a whole different language than that one that the health politician understands!”

Dr. Andrea Vincenzo Braga
Chairman of the Austrian, and Vice-president of the Swiss Society for Telemedicine and eHealth

Dr. Andrea Vincenzo Braga is working exactly on the cutting point between medicine and business. He is doctor and CEO of bragamed GmbH and consultant for the „Hauptverband der Sozialversicherungen“ (main association of insurances) in Austria.

Sounding Board member Convention Health Benefits 2017 and Convention Health Benefits 2018