Who came first, the employee or the client?

Those who want to stay among the winners, need to have a strong trust of customers as well as they have to be attractive for employees. We know how!

Who came first, the employee or the client?

Keynote speaker and moderator:
Mark T. Hofmann


Human resources are the Achilles heel in most of the industries.
Today it is not enough to find them.
They should not be harmful!

VIENNA MEDICON FORUM 13. - 15. December 2017, Vienna, Austria

The health and tourism sector are particularly affected by the shortage of staff.
The forum encourages interdisciplinary exchange of knowledge and experiences how to getting staff and customers and then keeping them.


13.12. “Silent Night” welcome reception.
14.12. Imperial evening in Hofburg palace.
15.12. Discovering the famous Vienna Christmas markets.

Working visits with case studies

All participants have the possibility to visit exemplary companies and institutions in Vienna.
Confirmation from following institutions and companies is expected:
Hospital, Private practice, Hotel, Travel agency, Insurance company, Bank, Wellness and Spa, Fitness…

Alternation of theory and practical exercises in the meeting

Keynote speech “Spotting Psychopaths in the Recruitment Interview”
Panel discussion: How to attract staff and customers?
Panel discussion: How to keep staff and customers?
Panel discussion: Converting health in profit for staff and for customers!


Forum is addressed to managers or directors from the sectors of tourism and health as well as owners of tourism, health and social properties. Three years expirience is required.

Forum outcome

Knowledge about converting health into profit. Cross-marketing and cross-sales initiative.