Today is a new beginning - tomorrow you will wish that you started today!


    Increasing of independence and self-determination.


    Reducing direct and indirect costs of the disease.


    Keeping productivity and safety upright at the same time.


    Conversion of social distancing in business opportunities.

"Health Benefits" is an initiative that discovers and suggests
new working and living circumstances
as a tool for success in a fast-changing society!

The reasons for the initiative

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the living and working conditions of patients with chronic diseases.

The possibilities of modern tools and technologies in health and social affairs.

The purpose of the initiative

Maintaining a normal family life and preventing exhaustion.

Changing working conditions and creating new business opportunities.

Goals of the initiative

Discovering and presenting international examples of best practices for new living and working conditions.

Evaluating opportunities for applying new technologies in health and social affairs.


Gathering of experienced professionals and young creative people.

Detecting needs and problems in the family and at work.

Searching for and comparison of possible solutions.


Interactive discussions.
Sharing experiences and knowledge.
Building a new professional network.
Creating dynamic response protocols...


Our members are smart, responsible and successful individuals and companies, institutions and associations that cooperate in implementation and contribute to the success of the initiative.